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Friday, April 16, 2010


I am a very fond of creating websites. My usual create the website using the PHP programming language and using SQL with MYSQL database. Previously I just tried the website I made in localhost only. At that moment I wish I could publish my website made to the internet, but my difficulty in getting a cheap hosting service and good quality. Most cheap hosting that does not support PHP, MYSQL, and Cpanel, to create a dynamic and interactive websites. There are many web hosting service that supports PHP, MYSQL, and Cpanel, but the price offered is very expensive.

Finally after I tried searching in different services web hosting news, I find web hosting that supports PHP, MYSQL, FTP, Cpanel, and others with low prices. In addition to low prices, web hosting provides an excellent service, the server is never disturbed, so that in the process of uploading or downloading can be running very smoothly or quickly.

Now what about those of you who wish to have their own website that supports PHP, MYSQL, FTP, Cpanel, and others? Please try and prove your own web hosting service is very good.

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